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Age restrictions strzalka


All festival goers which will be 16 years old on the day of the festival can take a part in Tropical Vibe.


Before You get wristband You may be asked to show valid ID with your actual picture so please make sure to take it with You 🙂

We will remind You about this on our Facebook


Lost property strzalka


We do hope it won’t happen but in case of such event, We will prepare a special lost and found point .


Additionally there will be dedicated phone, e-mail and group on Facebook


More informations related to this will be given closer to the event 🙂


Deposit strzalka


Nobody likes to lose a phone, a wallet or jewelery. We are well aware of it, that’s why there will be an escrow where you can keep your valuables while having fun at Tropical Vibe. We have prepared 2-day deposit for You. You can check the price here >>


IMPORTANT: The number of tickets is limited


Your festival wristband strzalka


Your festival wristband We really want you to feel comfortable at our event. That’s why we are launching special wristbands for our audience It will give you comfort and the possibilty to move between different zones. Wristbands are waterproof and it’s not easy to break them 🙂


Additional information: During the event you will come across a few kinds of zones. Access to them depends on type of the prior purchased ticket - Standard or VIP. For more information  here >>



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I’m going to the festival with friends. Can we get any discount? strzalka


That’s great! We can’t wait your arrival 🙂

If there is 9 people in the group, please write at:


When will I receive the ticket after purchase? strzalka


It all depends on the payment system, payment type and delivery type.

Paper tickets will be sent within 14 business days from posting the payment on the account.

If any ticket problem occurred, please write at


What privileges gives you the VIP pass? strzalka


Thanks to the VIP entry You can count on:

  • Separate entrance to the festival area
  • Special VIP stands with MainStage view
  • Access to the special zones dedicated only to VIPs
  • Bars with special offer
  • Sushi Bar
  • Steak House
  • Fingerfood
  • Snack Bar
  • Waiter service
  • A private zone with separate toilets
  • Voucher with 100 PLN to use in our official merch store
  • A glass of champagne
  • 2 x drink to choose from “Tropical VIP Deck” menu
  • VIP Parking (value of the ticket for VIP parking: 110 PLN / day)
  • Hotspot WiFi


Important: The number of VIP tickets is limited


Does ticket for campsite concerns to a tent or a person? strzalka


A ticket to the Campsite entitles one person to enter this area.


Can I change a day of entry after I end transaction? strzalka


When You finalize the payment it will be not possible to change the day which was assigned to it.

Therefore pay attention when You buying to choose the correct ticket 🙂


Can I upgrade my ticket? strzalka


The only one available option is upgrading Standard ticket to VIP. If You want to upgrade write at


Can I return a ticket? strzalka


Unfortunately, we don't refund tickets for technical reasons.


Are tickets personal? strzalka


Tickets for Tropical Vibe 2018 edition won’t be personal.


Preventing fraudation and fake tickets strzalka


To prevent such situations as fraud or buying fake tickets We recommend shopping using zalecamy dokonywanie zakupów za pośrednictwem naszej platformy

Thanks to this, you can be sure that the ticket is original and will be correctly scanned. You don't risk losing money :)


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Don't forget strzalka


Before You start a journey check if you have these things 🙂


  • Your ticket and ID with valid photo
  • Shoes to change
  • Raincoat
  • Warm clothes
  • Sunblock
  • Bug spray
  • Drugs which You need to take regularly



Additionally, if you are going to the campsite, do not forget about:


  • Ticket for Campsite
  • Hygienic accessories such as: towel, toothbrush, cleaning products and underwear
  • Waterproof tent, sleeping bag, mattress, flashlight and battery



Please leave at home strzalka


  • alcohol - We have enough for everyone 🙂
  • pyrotechnics - we will do such a show that you do not need to diversify it
  • illegal drugs - strongly prohibited
  • glass items - sharp ...
  • weapon
  • things that may in any way threaten life or health for You and other participants of the festival


  • broom - Tropical going to sweep 🙂